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The Eighth Smart City Expo and Global Intelligent Economy Summit will be held in Ningbo
2018-06-07 17:07:15


The China Smart City Technology and Application Products Expo (“Smart City Expo”) is the first national key exposition with the theme of “Smart City” in China. Also, it is currently the oldest, most influential, and most high-level event of its kind in the field of smart city development. Seven Smart City Expos has been successfully hosted so far; the event has become a well-known platform for enhancing cooperation and for promoting new ideas, technologies, and products related to smart city development.


The Eighth Smart City Expo and Global Intelligent Economy Summit will be simultaneously held in Ningbo from September 7th to 9th, 2018. With “digital-driven intelligent development” as its theme and in keeping with the central government’s aim of promoting innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, the Smart City Expo features four main events—the Exposition, the Global Intelligent Economy Summit, the 2018 China-Europe Green & Smart City Award Ceremony, and the AIIA Cup Artificial Intelligence Tournament. During these events, new technologies, new products, developments in the global intelligent economy, advancements in smart city development, and achievements in the implementation of the “Made in China 2025” Initiative and “Internet Plus” Initiative will be showcased. The Smart City Expo aims become a platform for dialogue, business matchmaking, strengthening cooperation, and enhancing exchanges in the field of intelligent economy, so as to promote the development of intelligent economy and the construction of digital China.


Global Intelligent Economy Summit

The Global Intelligent Economy Summit, a global platform for exchange, will be attended by government leaders from Belt and Road countries, EU countries, officials from ministries and commissions of China, officials from provincial and municipal governments, academicians of intelligent economy from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, authoritative experts and scholars of intelligent economy from China and abroad, domestic and foreign institutions, leading enterprises in industries related to intelligent economy, as well as delegates from well-known enterprises of intelligent economy from China and abroad. Participants will be invited to deliver presentations and engage in dialogues on the latest news and trend, cutting-edge research and technology, and the future of intelligent economy. There will be over 1,000 delegates attending the Summit. Meanwhile, the organizer will also lay emphasis on the two important fields which are intelligent manufacture and smart city, combine the technology, applications, industries and sectors of intelligent economy, and therefore hold a series of activities such as topic sessions and industry matchmaking symposiums at that period, which, as the extension of the Summit, is a perfect illustration that the Summit is professional, time-sensitive and pragmatic.


The 8th Smart City Expo

The 8th Smart City Expo has an exhibition area of 30,000 m2, with 5 pavilions—Pavilion of Famous Chinese and International Enterprises, Intelligent Manufacture Pavilion, Smart City Application Pavilion, Artificial Intelligence/IoT Pavilion, and Innovation and Technology Experience Pavilion. The organizer, adhering to the concept of hosting international, professional and excellent exhibitions, will invite many well-known IT enterprises from China and abroad to the Expo. Besides, with the emphasis on the key fields of intelligent economy such as intelligent manufacturing and new-type smart city, a batch of frontier technology, products and applications are going to be released and presented in terms of smart city, intelligent manufacture, information consumption, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, intelligent terminal, information security, etc. Moreover, some successful cases of new-type smart city and typical cases of “Internet Plus” will also be demonstrated in the Expo. This year, the organizer will be dedicated to making the exhibits more high-end and globalized. It is estimated that there will be over 400 exhibitors coming to the Expo.



2018 China-Europe Green & Smart City Award Ceremony

Representatives of the European Commission, political leaders from European countries and the United States, European municipal delegations, Chinese government officials, as well as the world's top enterprises and scientific research institutions will be invited to attend 2018 China-Europe Green & Smart City Award Ceremony. Over 80 cities will be nominated for the China-Europe Green & Smart City Award. The organizer is going to effectively promote the deep communication and the long-term cooperation between China and Europe through China-Europe Green & Smart City Award Ceremony, China-Europe Green & Smart City Summit, business matchmaking, and networking events.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contests

     A number of innovation and entrepreneurship contests will be held, such as the 1st Big Data Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest and the Baidu Big Data-AI-Cloud Computing Industry Base’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest. These events are expected to become a platform of innovation and entrepreneurship for companies in emerging sectors such as big data and artificial intelligence, bring together high-performing companies and high-quality human resources, and help outstanding business projects succeed in the market.

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