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      Smart city expo (formerly known as "China smart city technology and application products expo") was founded in 2011, and has been successfully held in ningbo for 8 years. It is China's first national key exhibition with the theme of "smart city". It is also the event that has been held for the longest time, with the highest level of standards, the largest scale effect and the strongest industry influence in the field of smart cities in China. After eight years of success, the expo has gradually become a well-known platform to promote the discussion and dissemination of the concept of smart city construction, promote the promotion and sharing of new technologies, new applications and new products, and promote exchanges and cooperation.

      Exposition to World Digital Economy Conference2019 & the 9th China Smart City and Intelligent Economy Expo "digital drive, intelligence development" as the theme, the total exhibition area of 30000 square meters, set up the digital economy pavilion, the applications of the wisdom city pavilion, intelligent manufacturing, a new generation of information feasible.although, intelligent products, such as five pavilion, pavilion gathered more than 400 IT well-known enterprises at home and abroad, highlighting the digital economy, smart, new wisdom city, "made in China 2025", cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, such as artificial intelligence in the field of new technologies, new products and new applications. Held "World Digital Economy Conference2019", "artificial intelligence technology conference", "new BBS wisdom city", "Yangtze river delta urban integration development theme BBS wisdom", "5 g era, a new generation of information technology infrastructure conference" and so on more than 20 events, will invite leaders of national ministries and commissions, well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad, and business executives will be invited to ningbo to discuss ways to build digital economy and develop intelligent economy, and discuss new ideas, new views and new cases in relevant core fields. Through the BBS, exhibition display, the innovation competition, with explicit industries docking, launch, the and so on a variety of ways, for all levels of government, industry organizations, industrial park, enterprises and domestic and foreign businessmen set up digital economy, new wisdom city display, communication and cooperation of international platform, in order to promote the economic development with high quality of the figures.

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